Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon: All Ghosts and Bosses :)


Here is a list of all the Ghosts, Boos and Bosses in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon!

Greenie: The easiest Ghost to capture.

File:LMDM Green Ghost.jpg

Slammer: This ghost is harder, and the shock – waves from his hands clapping decreases your reputation.


Hider: This is a hard ghost to catch. He hides and throws things at you.


Gobbler: This is a fat ghost. You cannot capture him in one go, as he pukes at you decreasing your reputation. He starts at 100!


Sneaker: These ghosts work as a team. When you capture one, the other comes up behind you and frightens you, causing the other one to get away.

Creeper: This ghost is easy, if you do not walk on top of him as he eats you.


Strong Greenie: This is a harder version of the Greenie. He is much stronger.


Strong Slammer: This is a harder version of the Slammer. He is much stronger.


Strong Hider: This is a harder version of the Hider. He is much stronger.

Strong Gobbler: This is a harder version of the Gobbler. He is much stronger. He starts at 300!

File:Strong Gobber.PNG

Strong Sneaker: This is a harder version of the Sneaker. He is much stronger.

Polterpup: This is a friendly Dog ghost.


List of Bosses:

Grouchy Possessor:


Harsh Possessor:


Overset Possessor:


Shrewd Possessor:


Tough Possessor:


King Boo:

So there we have it!


– Tubbi3 🙂


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